Consultation & Treatment

Gastroenterology Associates of North Jersey, P.A. is committed to the highest level of patient care specializing in Digestive Diseases, GI Endoscopy and Colorectal Cancer Prevention. We aim to provide you with the highest quality prevention, diagnosis and treatment of digestive diseases in a caring, compassionate manner. We are dedicated to providing each patient with superior medical treatment in a comfortable, safe atmosphere.

In Health – We offer colon cancer screening programs can be tailored to each individual.  Colon polyps can be removed to prevent cancer.

In Sickness – We specialize in the comprehensive diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of digestive disorders. For example:

  • Evaluation of internal bleeding 
  • Problems of digestion and swallowing 
  • Problems with bowel function 
  • Causes of abdominal pain
  • Problems of the gallbladder and pancreas 
  • Illnesses affecting the liver, including hepatitis 
  • Flexible endoscopy and capsule endoscopy