Procedure Related Questions

If you have specific questions about the procedure preparation prescribed by your doctor, please call our office.

What is a clear liquid diet?

A clear liquid diet provides fluids that leave little residue and are easily absorbed with minimal digestive activity.  This diet is inadequate in all essential nutrients and is recommended only if clear liquids are temporarily needed.  No red or purple liquids should be consumed!

Food GroupFoods AllowedFoods to Avoid
Beveragescoffee, tea, carbonated beverages, fruit flavored beveragesmilk, milk based drinks
Meat and Meat SubstitutesNoneAll
Fruits and Fruit Juicesstrained fruit juices, such as apple, white grape, and lemonadesolid fruit, any fruit juices with unstrained fruit (pulp)
Grains and StarchesNoneAll
Soupsclear broth or bullion, consommeall other soups
Dessertsflavored gelatin, popsicles (no red or purple flavors, no fruit or toppings)all other desserts
Miscellaneoussugar, honey, syrup, clear hard candy, saltAll others